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    Yarra Vascular Surgeons
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    Vascular Health
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    Google Ads, Landing Page Design, Web Design Development, Sales Funnel, SEO, Content Marketing, Graphic Design
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Yarra Vascular Surgeons is the first group Vascular practice in Melbourne offering a full range of minimally invasive and surgical vein treatment options. This being the company’s first formal digital marketing initiative, YVS identified OMD as an established agency with proven results, particularly in working with multi-location clinics. The company ultimately decided to partner with OMD based on the agency’s reputation for developing and performing efficient lead-generation campaigns. This was crucial because YVS needed to find a way to reach aggressive monthly goals for cost per lead and new patient admissions.


The most crucial digital marketing asset of any clinic is its website as this is where potential patients get their first impression about the treatments offered, the quality of service and the team behind the clinic. After conducting an in-depth audit of the YVS’ current digital assets we came to the mutual decision of completely rebuilding the company’s website with the main goal of ranking higher in search results and converting as many visitors as possible into loyal customers.

As a result of the new website, YVS has seen great improvements to the number of visitors, as evidenced by a 78% increase in organic website visits and a 95% increase in quality website visits. This indicates that the newly optimized content is not only gaining traction but for the right audiences, too. As evidenced by a 35% reduction in bounce rate, YVS has seen a steady improvement in the amount of time each one spends on the site.

A good SEO optimized website can only take you so far in your marketing. While organic approaches are key toward long-term success, if you want to see results and a high return on your investment, you have to add paid search into the mix.

Seeing as we had already developed a robust keyword list for YVS SEO strategy, in order to shift those words toward a paid-search campaign, we had to compile a negative keyword list as well.

Negative keyword lists allow us to lower ad spend and CPC rates by ensuring our clients’ ads don’t appear in front of audiences who’d never become a qualified lead.

With our negative keyword list in order, we created a variety of PPC ads designed around top-ranking keywords as well as the mindset of our client’s audiences.

As a result, our Google Ads campaigns have generated over 240 quality leads for YVS. The number of total conversions have increased by 220% as compared to the same period last year.

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