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    Vision Clinic Sydney
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    Ophthalmology Surgery
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    Web Design & Development, PPC, Landing Page Building, Facebook Ads, SEO, Graphic Design, Content Marketing
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On the surface, it sounds like Vision Clinic Sydney was exactly where they wanted to be. But they were frustrated by their inability to further their growth. The issue, it turns out, was that they were entirely invisible to a large section of their market. With an impressive local presence and the reputation to match, there was no reason why Vision Clinic Sydney couldn’t reach a wider audience. They turned to OMD for help.

After a few consultations and an audit of their marketing strategy, we discovered three areas that needed improvement:

  • The client had a very weak internet and social media presence
  • They had never utilized paid advertising to complement their marketing efforts
  • They did not rank well for key phrases related to the kind of services they offered

Armed with that knowledge, we got to work designing a cutting edge marketing plan that would enhance Vision Clinic Sydney’s online presence to better serve their current patients while helping them grow their practice within their market.


An effective marketing campaign uses organic, paid, and social channels to deliver results. As part of our PPC strategy, we built out a comprehensive keyword list, built an extensive negative keyword list, and ran bid optimizations on a daily basis to ensure our client got the best possible return on investment.

Our paid advertising strategy not only helped Vision Clinic Sydney see results fast, but the results of that campaign helped shape our long-term organic approach.

As part of this organic strategy, we added Vision Clinic Sydney to key local directories and launched a variety of link-building campaigns and on-site technical SEO strategies.

Through constant analysis and optimisation, we provided the type of results Vision Clinic Sydney has long been after:

  • Vision Clinic Sydney now ranks in the top 3 for all of their targeted market keywords
  • Organic web traffic increased more than 90%
  • Monthly web visits rocketed by 110%
  • Our successful PPC campaigns resulted in an average 40% lower cost-per-click
  • Our PPC campaign drove an average of 100 additional qualified leads to their landing pages.

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Want to be another success story?

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