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      Sky Beauty Clinic
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      Cosmetic Surgery
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      Google Ads, Landing Page Design, Web Design Development, SEO, PPC, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Content Marketing, Graphic Design
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Sky Beauty Clinic is a medical clinic located in the core area of Sydney CBD offering a full range of surgical and minimally-invasive treatments. This being the company’s first formal digital marketing initiative, Sky Beauty Clinic identified OMD as an established agency with proven results. The company ultimately decided to partner with OMD based on the agency’s reputation for developing and performing efficient lead-generation campaigns. This was crucial because Sky Beauty Clinic needed to find a way to reach aggressive monthly goals for cost per lead and new patient admissions.


So much of digital advertising is knowing who your target audience is. We designed and optimized PPC campaigns based on the probable location of Sky Beauty’s prospective new patients looking for medical surgery, including those people within a specific radius of the clinic. In addition, we created a tailored target keyword list based on Sky Beauty’s services, promotions, and specialties, then optimized our advertising for these keywords using our keyword bidding strategy.

Getting optimized, targeted, and persuasive ads up across search and social was just half the battle. We also needed to convert those clicks once we captured them into leads and appointments. To do so, OMD redesigned and rebuilt their landing pages to drastically improve the conversation rate (CVR). We did so by creating new copy and visuals as well as a completely new content layout to ensure a smooth information flow along the landing page leading the visitor to take action. The landing pages were optimized for mobile and thus creating continuity throughout the patient experience, from digital ad to landing page and beyond.

OMD also targeted Chinese speaking community with dedicated content and landing pages for paid search campaigns.

As a result, these strategies have generated over 400 new conversions in the first 3 months at a cost of $27 per conversion.

Another major objective was to completely rebuild the company’s website. OMD’s digital marketing experts audited Sky Beauty Clinic’s existing website and identified areas of opportunity. Based on this audit the following plan of actions was implemented:

  • Created and implemented a functional, highly engaging website that builds trust and drives new patients quickly, easily and efficiently.
  • Wrote compelling copy that highlights key benefits, engages with visitors and is optimized for search.
  • Conducted an SEO audit, competitive review and keyword research to build a cohesive SEO plan that ensures patients find Sky Beauty Clinic online.
  • As part of this organic strategy, we added Sky Beauty Clinic website to key local directories and launched a variety of link-building campaigns and on-site technical SEO strategies.
  • Made sure the website was “responsive” so all onsite content, images, and functionalities fit properly on the type of device the visitor is using: computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

As a result, we were able to quickly optimize the client’s search strategy and increase its site conversions (i.e., chats, phone calls and lead forms) by 80% as well as improve time-on-page and minimize bounce rate.

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