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Platinum Chiropractic Erina is a Chiropractic Clinic located in Central Coast, NSW. While there are other chiropractic clinics available in the region, Dr Matthew Hodgson has a unique neurologically-based approach that was bringing amazing results to his patients. However, Platinum Chiropractic was still struggling to get their name out there and they decided that a new website would be a major step ahead. So they turned to OMD for help.


First, in working with Platinum Chiropractic, it was clear that its website needed a complete overhaul to better convey its services and make it easier for people to call or connect with the clinic. To do this successfully, OMD completely redesigned and rebuilt the website; performed onsite optimizations and keyword research, identifying the appropriate keywords to use in online content that would best attract their ideal audience.

The new website was built to align with SEO best practices, such as optimizing web page title tags, descriptions and image alt tags. It’s amazing how taking the time to do these little things- and do them right can drastically improve search engine rankings.

The new website had the following improvements as compared to the old one:

  • The homepage tells a story. The content flow has an emotional appeal and gives hope to patients in solving their problems.
  • Calls to action are more prominent.
  • There is a logical flow of content so that users can easily find the information they are looking for and it’s clear to them the next action to take
  • More compelling and concise copy builds trust and persuades the user to take action.
  • The modern design featuring large images and typography catches the eye and keeps visitors surfing the website.
  • Lots of authentic photos taken by Dr Matthew Hodgson gives it a warm and personal feel.
  • Dedicated pages for each treated condition increases the likelihood of showing up in search results.

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Want to be another success story?

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