• Client:
    My Breast Pump
  • Industry:
    Breast Pump Rental
  • Skills:
    Landing Page Building, Google Ads


My Breast Pump specializes in offering premier hospital-grade breast pumps for rental with delivery at an affordable price. Although they started as a small family business, My Breast Pump had bigger plans. They wanted to continue their growth trajectory to reach even more people in need of their services. They turned to Google Ads, knowing that a paid strategy is one of the quickest, and most effective, ways to market a service.

But it can also be one of the most expensive, if the campaigns aren’t run efficiently.

By the time they approached OMD, the My Breast Pump team was struggling to see the results they knew they should see with their paid advertising.

It wasn’t a lack of spending that was the problem. It was that their campaigns weren’t targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


We rolled up our sleeves and began building the Google Ads strategy so that My Breast Pump can get the return on investment they were looking for.

We started with creating an extensive keyword list based on the services provided by My Breast Pump and removing broad match keywords driving non-converting traffic. Because My Breast Pump has pick-up locations across Australia, we made sure to clearly define geo-fences around each location using a tiered radius approach to bid more for prospective clients the closer they live/work to a location.

To further minimize wasted spending, we also created a robust negative keyword list designed to ensure that the ads we launched would appear only to the client’s ideal prospects.

Launching brand campaigns allowed us to quickly capture additional search volume and improve the account’s quality score while protecting My Breast Pump from competitors that may try to benefit from My Breast Pump brand awareness by bidding on their name.

Knowing whom we were targeting, and when in the client’s journey our ads would be displayed, our creative team got to work refreshing ad copy and creatives that highlighted our client’s selling points and special offerings.

As a result, our Google Ads campaigns generated over 2,500 conversions at a conversion rate of 10%.

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