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    Clinic 27
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    Web Design & Development, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Landing Page Building


Clinic 27 provides chiropractic care in Sydney CBD, helping business professionals achieve their health care goals and maintain a high level of performance. Given the crowded and ever-changing nature of the digital marketplace, many businesses run into speedbumps when it comes to successfully optimizing their online content. As a service-based business in a competitive industry, Clinic 27 is working to improve their online marketing presence.

To do so, they engaged OMD to employ a strategy with a heavy emphasis on content optimization and technical SEO maintenance. The goal was to increase the overall quality and quantity of Clinic 27’s website visits-


Clinic 27 was looking to redesign their current website to a more modern website with a professional online presence that would instantly reveal their services and how they are different from other practices in the area. They required a mobile-friendly website that uses a conversion-centered design geared towards driving web visitors to book their new patient offer. Clinic 27 also required the website to be integrated with their booking system and payment processor. OMD was able to create an appealing design that would render correctly on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device offering integrated booking and payment capabilities.

Beside a well-performing website and organic visitors, a paid traffic boost was necessary in order to meet Clinic 27’s expectations in the monthly amount of leads. At the center of Clinic 27 PPC campaign was the main mission of making it easier for patients to find the chiropractic care they need. Based on an extensive keyword research we have built and launched several Google Ads campaigns  which eventually have generated over 200 quality leads for Clinic 27.

We also deployed our creative team to develop Facebook and Instagram ads. These ads were designed to pre-qualify applicants – through the use of a Facebook form – in order to reduce cost-per lead. Along with the lead generation campaigns we have also created remarketing campaigns to retarget website visitors and Clinic 27’s client email list. As a result the Facebook and Instagram campaigns have generated over 280 leads for Clinic 27.

When it comes to digital marketing, that means focusing on local listings. More and more consumers turn to search engine results and, specifically, local map listings, prior to making a conversion. We knew it was pivotal that Clinic 27 become the leader in local map listings.

Through our work, Clinic 27:

  • Ranked on 1st page of Google for high demand keywords such as “chiropractor sydney cbd”
  • Ranked #1 in local map listings in 50% of searches
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