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Expert Medical Marketing in New York,
Connecting You With More Patients

At Online Marketing for Doctors (OMD), we aim to bring together high-quality healthcare clients and patients with the top medical practices and healthcare professionals in New York.

OMD is a leading New York medical marketing agency. We provide marketing strategies designed to reach your target audience, increase leads and patient appointments for healthcare practices. So, instead of waiting for patients, our proven approach can boost patient volume in as little as 14 days.

Contact us to schedule a discovery call with the leading healthcare marketing agency in New York and get started on your journey to a massive boost in appointments.

Data-Driven Marketing Efforts For Healthcare Professionals

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We’ve got some clever strategies, data, and health industry know-how to help you get more patients and make your healthcare business grow.

OMD was created with one mission – to help people in New York find the right medical or healthcare professionals for their health and wellness needs, and healthcare decisions. We do this by figuring out where potential patients hang out, whether it’s online or in the real world. Then, we make sure your clinic shows up as the solution they’ve been looking for, wherever they are.

What makes us stand out in the digital marketing crowd? We’re not your average marketing company. We specialize in medical marketing and have a proven plan that works for many years for all kinds of medical businesses. That’s why we’re the go-to choice for medical marketing in New York.

Ready for a fresh and exciting marketing experience? Call us today and discover what makes OMD special!

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Digital Marketing For Healthcare
Professionals in New York

In today’s ever changing digital world, the New York healthcare organizations experience some unique challenges in its branding and marketing.

It’s not just about using effective strategies that work better than your competitors; you also need to make sure your healthcare marketing follows the healthcare industry rules, like HIPAA.

As a leading healthcare marketing agency, we create strong digital marketing plans that follow these rules while also fitting in with the modern healthcare system. Plus, we’ll make sure your brand gets noticed above your competition.

With OMD on your side, your medical practice will grow to new heights.

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Powerful Full Service Healthcare Agency

OMD offers an extensive range of solutions to optimize your brand strategy:

digital marketing strategy


We begin by doing a full review of your existing services to find out what you are an expert at. Based on this, we design a killer strategy that meets your marketing goals, attracts more patients, and supports your business’s growth.


Search Engine
Optimisation (SEO)

We get you to the number one spot on searches. Boost your organic traffic, leads and brand using our tried and tested search engine optimization (SEO) methods.

content marketing


OMD’s content production team will create content that speaks to your audience, easily turning website visitors to patients.

google advertising


Our expertise in creating high performing Google Ads will get you the best results and make sure you get value for your money and a positive return on your investment.

facebook instagram advertising

Facebook and
Instagram Advertising

With our social media skills we will make you the influencer and industry leader of your field. This will boost interest in your brand and increase patient demand through your social media channels.

web design development

Web Design and

Our web design team will create a highly converting new website for your clinic that wows visitors and brings in more patient leads than ever before.

referral marketing


Grow your practice exponentially with our expert referral marketing strategies from local doctors and powerful word-of-mouth.

app development


Stay up-to-date with the digital age with a customized app for medical practices to communicate and engage with patients.

sales funnel


Boost your conversion rates and let your practice grow effortlessly with our proven sales funnel methods.

reputation building


We increase your online reputation by getting more patients to share their successful experiences with you online to improve your health practice’s online reputation and build trust with potential patients.

email marketing


With our email marketing, you can build rapport with your prospects, existing patient databases, nurture the relationships with them and ultimately generate more bookings for your clinic.

online presence analysis

Online Presence

After analyzing your online presence on different digital channels, we’ll make a plan to improve it and help you gain more visibility on these channels such as ranking on the first page of search engines for main keywords for procedure related terms.


Photography and

Show the world your amazing medical or health practice with beautiful branding photos and videos, engage prospects and ultimately convert them to loyal patients.


Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

We provide tailored CRM plans to connect with prospects and existing patients, nurture their relationships, manage your online reputation, track the performance of your marketing campaign and calculate the return on investment for different marketing channels.

Partnering with New York Top Medical Practices

In New York and beyond, OMD’s expertise and focus is helping healthcare pros shine online. We keep things real, simple and effective. Our digital marketing works wonders for doctors, dentists, medical clinics and specialty practices.

Want to team up with our medical marketing pros? Let’s make growth happen together.

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Case Studies of our Successful Healthcare Clients

We have been lucky enough to work with many different healthcare practices with better outcomes for their marketing. Our clients’ case studies speak for themself!


Siva Chandrasekaran
Siva Chandrasekaran
Online Marketing for Doctors provides an excellent professional web development service for doctors. They made an extra effort with all aspects of the website and I would thoroughly recommend them to any medical profession looking to create an impactful web presence.
Geoff Cashion
Geoff Cashion
They have methodically transformed my digital presence and my sales have gone through the roof. I have not been disappointed and to be honest, they have exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long relationship with OMD.
Darryl Hodgkinson
Darryl Hodgkinson
The number of requests for consultations is at least doubled from the last 5 months, which is a very good sign. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles.
Rob King
Rob King
I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional effort put in by the OMD team in enhancing my website. It's fantastic to see that bookings are on the rise once more, and I am truly thrilled by this news! I extend my heartfelt thanks for your outstanding contributions.
Mark Attalla
Mark Attalla
The OMD team has lowered our marketing budget and we’re getting much better conversion, which is a big difference between working with them and other SEOs. We found that we are spending almost one-fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversion which is a great deal to achieve in a short period of time.
Malay Mehta
Malay Mehta
Really happy with the service and definitely going to opt for more services from their end. Have selected them for my clinic marketing before trying 6 agencies in the past. So I was apprehensive and skeptical about the work but not only they met the expectation but I would say they have outperformed my expectation. Thank you 🙏🏻
Lin Chen
Lin Chen
The OMD team has been exemplary in the delivery of work over and above what was expected. Their expertise in website development for healthcare professionals coupled with intel on the latest SEO advancement provided an output superior to any generalist agency. I am delighted with the final result and highly recommend anyone operating in the healthcare industry to use OMD to help develop their online presence to grow their practice.
Lence velijanoska
Lence velijanoska
Joaquin and the OMD team took the time to understand the details of our business and what we needed to achieve from day one and provided a unique, thoughtful approach to position and differentiate our clinic in multiple locations. One of the main achievements they produced is positioning our clinic first in search engines for the main keywords we are tracking. Those results increased our website traffic by 3X, which led to more patient consultations. We are really happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend trying their PPC, SEO and Content Marketing services.

Why Choose OMD For Your Healthcare Marketing in New York?

We’re leaders in the USA healthcare marketing game, and we promise big wins! In just 4-6 months you can expect at least 3x return on your investment. Here’s what we’re offering:

  • Going for gold: We guarantee a 3x ROI with our proven tools and strategies.
  • Our 9-Step SEO method: With over ten years of extensive experience, our SEO expertise is the best in the business.
  • Healthcare gurus: We’re in the know with all the latest HIPAA rules and regulations.
  • No-Nonsense Marketing: We’ve got a clear plan to get you measurable results.
  • Ride or Die: We’re in this together – celebrating highs and breaking through the challenges.
  • We’re Night Owls: Our team is here 24/7, because who said business stops after 5?
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Ready to Work With OMD?

Ready to grow your medical practice?

Reach out to OMD and explore how our patient generation blueprint paired with search engine optimization, a new website and a suite of other marketing practices will boost your medical practice’s success.

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