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Unlock the Power of Email Automation And Double
Your Consultation to Surgery Booking Conversion Rate

  • Minimise no-show consultations
  • Address prospects’ objections effectively
  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Convert more surgery bookings
  • Follow-up cold leads on autopilot

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hair transplant sales funnel

Have your hair transplant prospects turned cold turkey, and you’re wondering if they decided to go to Turkey instead?

We understand how frustrating it is after sending a prospective patient a quotation, only to have them ghost you, making it impossible to get hold of them, or to even show up for their consultation.

The main problem for hair transplant clinics when it comes to low conversion rates from enquiry to consultation and surgery booking, is that they don’t have a clear sales process in place or an automatic follow-up system that turns cold leads into fully engaged patients.

Knowing this persistent problem, we’ve drawn on our experience working with many hair transplant clinics from around the world, and we decided to create a product that will help you fix this problem once and for all. 

hair transplant sales funnel results

Crown Clinic

Results after an initial 6-month campaign:

  • A 75 % increase in total monthly web traffic
  • An 89 % increase in organic traffic
  • A 314 % increase in social traffic
  • A 97 % increase in Google ads traffic
  • A 603 % increase in leads
  • A 300 % increase in new patient number

“We have been using the Online Marketing For Doctors team since 2019 and we are very happy with the results. They put together a comprehensive strategy and plan to improve our digital marketing presence (SEO, PPC ads, Social Media, Website Content and Landing Pages…), and so far we can see obvious improved results from the work that they have done. Enquiries have gone crazy, the number of enquiries has increased by three folds ever since they started. The team and Huyen have been very responsive to support us along the way with IT problems, they are very thorough and results driven with their work. We would highly recommend them.”


James Nadin
CEO/Owner of Crown Clinic

Follow Up Email Sequence For Hair Transplant Clinic

Reduce No Shows and Improve Your Surgery Booking Conversion Rate

In this sales email follow-up sequence, we will provide you with all of the emails and sms messages
that you can set up in minutes, to automatically nurture and grow your prospective patient list.

This email follow-up sequence will help you:

Follow-up prospects on autopilot

Follow-up prospects on autopilot, you don’t have to send emails manually anymore, saving you and your staff a ton of time.

Warmup lukewarm prospects, and get them even more interested in your service offerings ready to book that first consultation

Answer all possible questions and objections

Answer all possible questions and objections a prospect may have, so that they are more ready than ever to book, making it easier for you or your staff to book in more surgeries.

Impress prospects

Impress prospects on how professional your organisation is compared to other clinics who have fewer touch points in their sales process

This email follow-up sequence is the product of our accumulated experience over 10 years of helping hair transplant clinics double, or even triple, their yearly sales numbers by implementing our sales funnel.

Imagine if you could convert one or two more surgery bookings per week, without any additional effort on your end, with just a small initial investment in our sales funnel email system?

What Your Investment In This Email
Automation Sequence
Gets You

Email follow-up sequence

Email follow-up sequence for all 3 stages of the sales process (discovery stage, 1st and 2nd follow-up consultation stage, and the closing sales stage).

Follow-up emails and SMS

Follow-up emails and SMS for existing patients and prospects after 3, 6 and 12 months

Email content options for both doctor led and technician led clinics

This email content sequence can be used for lead magnets such as ebooks, baldness calculator, etc… to nurture prospects and convert them into a consultation or booking.

All for the cost of $990 USD

And if you need our help customising this email sequence for your clinic in terms of content or connecting it to your CRM, our technical support team can set you up for an additional charge of just $550 USD.

Oh Yes, Please Sell It To Me!

Dr. Malay Mehta

“Really happy with the service and definitely going to opt for more services from their end. Have selected them for my clinic marketing before trying 6 agencies in the past. So I was apprehensive and sceptical about the work but not only they met my expectation but I would say they outperformed my expectation. Thank you 🙏🏻”

Dr Malay Mehta
Malay Mehta Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Malay Mehta
Dr. Malay Mehta results

How to Earn Space in Somebody’s Inbox

What should you do once you get someone’s email address?

The whole point of a sales funnel, and all of the advertising campaigns that you are doing right now, is to attract new prospects and to get their contact information. Specifically, an email address.

Remember, when potential clients give you their email address, you should consider them a hot lead.

And sending them regular, valuable emails is your best opportunity to continue building on a relationship with them, and selling them on your service or product that will solve their hair loss problem.

While a few people will buy a service or product immediately, most will need more time to learn more about your clinic, the service being sold and even competitors, before feeling a sense of trust that you can deliver the results that they want.

If you want to book a demo on this email sequence that has been trusted and implemented by many, please click on the button below and one of our team members will reach out to you and demonstrate how this sales email sequence can work for your clinic.

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