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This One Hour Marketing Plan Will Generate High Value Patients

Jul 29th, 2021

I’ve been asking myself a question lately. If you only had one hour this week to work on the marketing plan for your practice, what can I advise you?

In this video, I’m showing you the simple 5-step to create an effective, simple marketing plan that can generate new patient enquiries as soon as you launch it.

You can develop a plan and get your team to start in as little as one hour.

PS: Remember: “The future depends on what you do today”.

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Hi, I'm Huyen
Our work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you automate, grow and scale your practice.


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Welcome to OMD TV & Podcast show,

the place to be to grow
and scale your practice.

I've been asking myself a question lately.

If you only had one hour this week to work

on the marketing plan for your practice,

what can I advise you,
what can I help you with?

So, in this episode, I'm gonna show you

a simple five-step process to create

an effective marketing plan

that can generate new patient enquiries

as soon as you launch it.

You can develop a plan and
get your team to get started

in as little as one hour.

Now, step number one is to
work out the key procedure

or service that generates the most revenue

or the one you want to be most known for.

Then work out a target audience profile.

Just think about the extraordinarily
successful companies,

that they always have one product

or service they're most known for,

or that makes them the most money,

even though they are offering
many products or services.

For example, McDonald's,
it's their burger, right?

For Google, that's their search engine,

for Apple, that's the iPhone.

What about for Starbucks?

I think you know the answer.

You can relate this to your practice.

What is one procedure that
you want to be known for,

or what makes you the most revenue?

The most successful practices know this

and are always asking,
"What is our one thing?"

I've talked a lot more
about the One Thing concept

in the video called,
"What's Your One Thing?"

So, check that out.

Now, if you want to learn more

about how to identify your target audience

and where are they hanging out right now,

along with how to attract
them to your clinics?

Check out our previous
episodes of OMD TV called

"3 Key Marketing Questions
That You Need To Answer",

and "How To Get Unlimited
Traffic To Your Clinics."

We discuss the Dream 100 list concept,

which is the idea of
identifying the top 100 tribes

that thousands of your target audience

are already active members of,

and finding a way to
infiltrate these tribes.

That way, you can display
your targeted message

to these tribes' members.

This will take your ideal patients from,

"I've never heard of this clinic?"

to "What is this clinic
that I keep hearing about?"

I'll leave the link to that
episode in the show notes below

so you can watch them later.

Now, step number two is to
create a lead magnet for it.

Enquiring about your
core services immediately

can sometimes be a big
commitment for prospects.

This is often a long, hard decision,

depending on your core service,

especially if it has something to do

with their health or appearance.

If you can take a portion
of your core services

and narrow it down and
give them a mini commitment

to a smaller portion of your core service,

it will be a lot easier
for them to commit.

Once they have had a
taste of your services,

you can build trust and
authority with them.

Then, you move them forward

with your larger total service offerings.

A lead magnet is that
ethical bribe, a free offer,

that you can put on your
lead generation page

of your website to incentivise
prospective patients

to give you their email,
name, phone number,

or whatever detail you want to ask for.

Here are some ideas to pick from:

free consultation,

discounts for those who
book appointments online,

free medical tests when they
finally come to your office,

or an educational health guide packaged

in a ebook or a video series.

This lead magnet has to be irresistible

and should target the
pain of your patients.

What do they hope to
get from your services?

What are the things that
cause them pain or discomfort,

and what can you do to relieve them?

It should speak directly
to your potential patients

and be impossible to resist.

Some surgeons will question
this front-end offer

because they don't have
any low-cost services

that they can offer
before their core service,

which is surgery.

If this is the case, you can
still follow the same strategy

when it comes to a lead magnet

by offering some valuable piece of content

to get prospects to know you,

then present an irresistible
foot-in-the-door offer

to get prospects enquiring about you.

For example,

"7 Things You MUST Know Before
Considering Breast Implants,"

for example.

This title is just an
example but this type of offer

would provide a lead with
some valuable information

and position you as an
expert and trusted authority

in that field.

Inside a PDF of that content,

you can present an irresistible offer:

for example, a free 3D
simulation consultation.

The tip here is to outline
exactly what they would get

from the consultation, show
more value so they can see

that your offer has so much more value

that they can't resist but
take you up on this offer.

The offer should be for a limited time

and not available forever on the website.

So, it creates some sort of scarcity here.

Now, step number three, is
to create a landing page

for your lead magnet.

Ensure your website features
a dedicated landing page

for your lead magnet and the service

that you want to promote.

Landing pages, unlike normal web pages,

are designed with a single focus in mind.

There's no other call
to action distractions.

This would get your target
prospects to do "One Thing",

which is to sign up for your lead magnet.

Here, you can see an
example of the lead magnet

that I wrote specifically for
medical doctors and surgeons

to help them resolve their key pain point,

which is to grow their
referral doctor network.

I'll leave the links in
the show notes below,

some landing page examples
so you can check it out.

And if you need help in terms of designing

and building a landing
page for your lead magnet,

please reach out to us, we
can definitely help you out.

Now, move on to step number four,

which is to promote your key service

and lead magnet everywhere.

You can promote them

through many different digital channels.

The key channels are
Google, Facebook, Instagram,

and your email list.

Make sure you can find it
in one of the top spots

on Google search results, both
on the maps and search ads.

You could do this through local SEO

and a Google ads campaign.

You can utilise the power of
remarketing to retarget people

who have visited your website,

or who have been on your email list,

or your existing social media
fans and their followers

through the Facebook and
Instagram remarketing ads.

Remember, you just need to focus

on making your key procedure

and lead magnet dominant
everywhere else first,

and then you will see the
results fairly quickly.

Now, moving on to step number
five, which is the final step,

think about referral partners

that can help you promote this service.

Your network of affiliates
can help you reach thousands

or even millions of your
desired target audience.

For example, instead of just
relying on your own email list

of existing prospective patients,

what if you found 10,
20, or 100 affiliates

who each had an email list of
tens of thousands of people?

You could quickly reach millions, right?

The amount of leverage you can get

when you build an affiliate program

and leverage other people's
efforts is huge, I tell you.

So, when you find those people and places,

your work effort is centered
on getting those people

and places to mention,
review, or promote you,

your work, and your practice.

If you want to learn more about
maximising referral network,

please check out the
episode number 69 called,

"How to Generate Thousands of Visits

from Referral Tribes?"

There you have it: the simple
one-hour marketing plan

to help you get started and find traction

in generating new patient enquiries

and positioning you as an
expert in your chosen field.

Now, if your one thing is to double

your new patient enquiries
in the next six months,

I would suggest that you
attend our webinar called

3 Must-Do Strategies to
Generate More New Patients

and Referral on Autopilot.

That we talk a lot
in our previous episodes.

So, spend one of your early hours

of your morning attending that webinar.

I'll leave a link to that
webinar in the show notes below

so you can sign up.

Thank you so much for tuning in,

and I hope to see you in our webinar soon.

Bye for now.

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