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How Good Is Your Website

Jun 20th, 2024

When it comes to promoting a medical or healthcare clinic online, your website serves as the foundation for all digital marketing activities and acts as your primary online storefront.

However, many practices overlook the importance of having a functional website capable of consistently generating new patients.

In this episode, we’ll uncover the real 7 reasons why you’re not receiving enough high quality patient leads via your website.

We’ll identify any leaks in your website that may be costing you new patients and explore strategies for increasing your website’s conversion rate to generate more leads without spending another dime.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

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Free Website Audit:

  • Discover the real reason why you’re not getting enough traffic and leads from Google
  • Uncover any website leaks and errors that are costing you thousands in potential revenue each year
  • Show you how to increase your website conversion rate to book more patients without spending another dime
  • Teach you the #1 thing you can do in 5 minutes to increase your website’s conversion rate by 300%
  • Provide you with a new patient/client generation blueprint
  • Take a look at your competitors’ performance, so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Discuss your clinic goals, and map out a plan/timeline so you know how to turn your dream into a reality

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Hi, I'm Huyen
Our work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you automate, grow and scale your practice.


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When it comes to promoting a medical or healthcare clinic online, your website serves as the foundation for all digital marketing activities and acts as your primary online storefront. However, many practices overlook the importance of having a functional website capable of consistently generating new patients.

In this episode, we'll uncover the real 7 reasons why you're not receiving enough high quality patient leads from the website.

We'll identify any leaks in your website that may be costing you new patients and explore strategies for increasing your website's conversion rate to generate more leads without spending another dime.

Welcome to another episode of Online Marketing For Doctors TV and Podcast show – the place to go to grow and scale your practice. I'm Huyen Truong, a Strategic Marketing Consultant for medical clinics. My team and I have been in the game for over a decade, helping hundreds of clinics thrive with our proven patient generation system.

Today we are going to go through 7 critical questions about your website. This will determine how good your website is.

1. First of all, I’d like to ask you what is your biggest frustration with your website?

Do you?

  • Not have enough leads
  • Have Low quality or unqualified leads
  • Turning leads into patients
  • Competition is killing us
  • All of the answers above

If you selected all of the answers above, it indicates that your website is experiencing both traffic and conversion issues, which is quite common based on our observation of thousands of medical websites over the years.

If your website traffic is below 500 visits per month, it suggests a traffic problem. When your website lacks sufficient visitors, the likelihood of attracting an adequate number of prospective patients decreases. Coupled with the low conversion rate of your website, this explains why you're experiencing a low and inconsistent flow of new patients.

2. Does the quality of your website reflect the quality of your work?

  • Yes, my website looks incredible
  • No, my website looks like it's from 1999

In podcast number # 111, we talked about the “Why Are My Prospective Patients Not Booking?” And one of the reasons is that Your Procedure’s Perceived Value is Not Greater Than Price.

Meaning the website is not building up the perceived value of your services so when users see your website looking dated and aesthetically unpleasing, it would align with how prospective patients perceive your clinic.

Showcase a tour of your gorgeous office and surgical suite, your rapid recovery process, and your superior aftercare support on your website via video presentation that would be more impressive.

This should be done even before prospects begin enquiring about the first consultation. The value needs to be established through all touchpoints, from the premium appearance of the website to the use of authentic, high-quality videos and images across both the website and social media platforms. Since we are offering high-value procedures, consider the experience when walking into luxury stores like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, or Burberry. What is your initial impression? It's the ambiance of space and luxury, isn't it? And what do you expect to pay? You would expect to pay more right? Similarly, your website must exude a premium look to enhance the perceived value of your clinic and procedures.

3. Does your website position you as the authority in town?

Positioning yourself as an authority or expert in your business can be a powerful way to attract new clients and customers and build trust and credibility with your target audience. Here are a few tips for how to do it:

  1. Define your niche: To be seen as an authority or expert in your business, it's important to focus on a specific area of expertise or niche. This will help you stand out from your competition and be seen as your target audience's go-to resource.
  2. Create valuable content: One of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority or expert is to create useful, high-quality content that addresses the needs and interests of your target audience. Content can include blog posts, videos, podcasts, webinars, and other forms of content.
  3. Leverage social media: Social media is a powerful tool for building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority or expert in your industry. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook to promote your content and connect with other thought leaders in your field. This will also help show to your prospective patients how popular you are in your field by seeing the number of followers and also the engagement between your posted content and your followers.
  4. Media mentions: Have you been featured in popular media outlets for your expertise? If so, ensure to prominently display these mentions on your website, particularly above the fold of your homepage and service pages. If you require assistance with public relations or seek additional media exposure, please reach out to us. We can help you secure coverage in the most prominent media outlets.
  5. Get published: Writing articles for industry publications or being quoted in the media can also be a great way to establish yourself as an authority or expert as we discussed above, if you consider yourself as the expert in the subject, we would recommend writing and publishing a book, this can be distributed via channels such as Amazon and Audible. We talked more about how to establish you as the go to expert in our book called Fully Booked -  This can help to build your brand and to raise your authority within your industry.
  6. Speak and present: Being a speaker at industry conferences or events, or even hosting webinars, can be a great way to establish yourself as an authority or expert in your field. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise and connect with other industry professionals.

If you don’t have much time in creating the live webinars, I would recommend  creating an automated webinars that can generate leads for your clinic on autopilot, please check out our online course.

  • Having other patients and doctors discuss your expertise can be highly beneficial, but please ensure that this is permitted in your country. Particularly, having other experts or doctors, surgeons speak about your skills can significantly enhance your authority.

Remember that building authority and expertise takes time, consistency and patience. However, by consistently creating valuable content, leveraging social media, networking and collaborating, speaking and presenting and getting published, you can position yourself as an authority or expert in your industry and reap the rewards that come with it.

4.  Is your website "keyword" optimised to attract your dream patients?

  • Yes, I'm consistently & predictably attracting high value patients
  • No, I'm not getting enough high value patients

What is your answer here? One of the main reasons why your website is not attracting your dream patients is because your website is not optimised for SEO or search engine optimisation.

In the podcast number #110 - 5 Must Know Benefits of SEO For Getting More Patients Consistently, we mentioned the top 5 benefits of SEO for medical and healthcare practices. Three of the top reasons are;

High-Quality Leads:

SEO generates high-quality leads by targeting patients interested in your health services. For instance, when a user searches for "GP doctor near me" on Google, your relevant business pages can appear on the search results if optimised properly. Consequently, the probability of these prospects engaging and converting upon visiting your clinic's website is high.

Brand Awareness:

Consistently occupying top search result spots boosts brand awareness, even if your website links aren't clicked each time they appear. Consistent exposure helps your healt care practice stay firmly ingrained in the minds of prospective patients and make prospective patients think that you are the expert in the topic recommended by Google..

Brand Authority:

 SEO contributes to building brand authority, a critical success factor for healthcare businesses. Google recognises high patient engagement levels on your site from relevant search results, establishing your practice as a domain expert in providing meaningful healthcare products or services.

5.  Does your website have a chat widget?

You typically encounter a live chat widget on most ecommerce websites nowadays. Surprisingly, many medical and healthcare practices have not yet considered adding it to their websites.

Research indicates that 74% of US adults prefer live chat over any other customer engagement channel.

But live chat isn't just beneficial for your customers or patients - it's also a vital tool for clinics looking to increase conversions.

Case in point, 79% of companies say that implementing live chat has had a positive impact on sales, revenue, and brand loyalty.

One of the ways that live chat improves conversion rates is through increased customer engagement.

I've always emphasised to my team that speed is the new currency. We need to streamline the process so that prospective patients can reach out to you as quickly as possible. I typically advise our clients to respond to enquiries within one hour of receiving them. With live chat, prospects receive an instant response from your end, while they may still be waiting for your competitors to get back to them (which could take a day or two).

One of the reasons prospects love live chat is because it's 100x faster than most other digital communication channels.

With live chat, prospects can quickly obtain answers to their queries without needing to engage with someone in person or over the phone, particularly during odd hours or while they are at work. Additionally, younger demographics often prefer chatting over speaking on the phone by the way.

6.  Is your website using lead magnet?

  • Yes, multiple leads magnets for different main services
  • Yes, just 1
  • No
  • What's a "lead magnet"?

Now you need to give prospects a reason to give you their email address or they won’t.

Imagine meeting somebody you find interesting but not exchanging contact information. Unless you happen to meet again somewhere, you’re likely to forget about that person in a short period of time.

But sometimes those first encounters are awkward. It doesn’t feel quite right to ask for contact information or to give it out uninvited.

In business relationships, lead generators are a great excuse to exchange contact information without being awkward. Think of the exchange going something like this: “Hey, let me send you that information I was talking about.

What’s your email address?” Lead generators that capture emails make sure that when someone finds you interesting you are getting their contact info. Stop missing out on the opportunity to get those digits!

As part of OMD’ 5 steps sales funnel for medical and healthcare practices, we create lead generators, such as ebooks, videos, quizzes, calculators such as baldness calculator, pregnancy calculator…to capture prospects' emails and phone numbers. Given that more than 95% of website visitors typically leave without making any enquiries, our focus is on capturing and nurturing this significant pool of potential leads.

7. Does your website have a qualification form? That filters out unqualified leads.

Prospect qualification is a part of the sales process where we determine whether or not a prospect is a good fit for the product or service we're selling. Clinics should have an ideal customer profile and compare the prospect's characteristics to the profile. If the prospect is not a good fit, the clinics won't provide services to them and let them know.

For example, in order to filter out unqualified candidates for our client who is an eye surgery clinic in Sydney CBD, this client has been with us since 2017,, we asked prospects this question Has your vision and/or your prescription been stable over the last 18 months?” because if they don't have a stable vision over the last 18 months, they are not eligible for the laser eye surgery so it is best to filter them out.

We usually add web form pre-screening questions to our clients’ website web forms to help filter out non-serious inquiries and ensure a smooth booking process.

For example:

  • Hair transplant is a procedure that comes with a certain cost, please tell us if you need help in funding this procedure;
  • I have enough savings and I might not need financial support
  • I work full time and I might still need payment plan
  • I work part time (20 hours/week) and need payment plan
  • I don’t work and I don’t have any savings

Have you seen another hair transplant clinic for consultation before?

  • Yes
  • No

By answering these 7 questions, you'll gain insights into the effectiveness of your website. If you'd like a comprehensive audit and a 360-degree overview of your website, please reach out for a discovery call. We'll schedule a website audit and strategy session for you.

We also leave the link to our “How Good Is Your Website?” quiz on the show note so you can do a 2 min quick check up to see how well your website is performing now.

Ok that wraps up another episode of the OMD TV & podcast show.

If this was helpful to you, please subscribe to the OMD TV and Podcast Show so you don’t miss any future episodes. And please share this episode with your staff and colleagues.

If you want to learn more about Online Marketing For Doctors offers and how our team can help you generate more new patients and referring doctors via creating a high converting website for medical and healthcare practices, please reach out to us and book a 15-minute discovery call with us as I mentioned above.  I’ll leave a link to it in the show notes below.

Thank you so much and hope to talk to you on a discovery call soon. 🥳

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