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#71 - The Deadliest Objection From Your Prospective Patients

May 18th, 2021

New patient conversion is one of the hottest topics that I get asked about from other practices, especially those that are dealing with self-referring patients, or they are selling high-valued procedures.  And more so, how to handle the various objections that prospects throw at them during their sales process.

I get asked quite often…”What is the hardest objection?”, and what I tell them, is that the deadliest objection of them all; is the silent objection.

It’s the one that you don’t even know about because the prospect hasn’t verbalized it, and they are keeping it close to their chest.  What makes it so deadly, is that unless it is addressed, they will not be going ahead with you.

But how can you address it, without even knowing what it could be?! As an effective practice manager or patient coordinator, it’s something that you need to get really good at unearthing.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to handle this objection very cleverly. Handling this objection will help you to improve your new patient conversion rate dramatically.


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Hi, I'm Huyen
Our work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you automate, grow and scale your practice.


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“Don’t let them call you back! Handle that silent objection now!”

Welcome to OMD TV & Podcast show, the place to be to grow and scale your practice.

New patient conversion is one of the hottest topics that we get asked about from a lot of other practices, especially those that are dealing with self-referring patients and that are selling high valued procedures.  Well, knowing how to handle all of the common objections a prospect can throw at you, will help you to improve your new patient conversion rate dramatically.

I get asked quite often; what is the hardest objection of them all? And what I tell them is that the deadliest objection of them all...is the silent objection.

It's the one that you don't even know about because the prospect hasn't verbalized it, and they are keeping it close to their chest. As an effective practice manager or patient coordinator, it's something that you need to get really good at unearthing from a prospect.

In this episode, I’m going to show you how to handle this objection really cleverly, this will be an essential part of your team’s new patient enquiry handling process, so I suggest that you pass on this video to the person who takes charge of this.

So, how do we handle this silent objection? Our strategy here is to keep asking questions, probing to ensure that there isn’t anything that they are holding back. The way that you do that, is that once you come to the end of resolving every other known objection that has been raised... you can say something to the effect of… “Is there any other reason that this wouldn't make sense for you to go through with this?””.

The key here is to find out what it is that a prospect is not telling you about why they are not moving forward.

Many times, I've come across moments where I've answered every objection provided, but that person still doesn't want to proceed; and the reason for that is that there's something that they're not telling me.

Therefore, what you need to get good at is unearthing and really finding out what is holding a person back from moving forward.

And if it's silent or a hidden objection, they won't immediately verbalize it without you prodding first. Unless you ask, you will never get the chance to address this silent objection, and that's why it's so deadly. Because if you don't even know that an objection exists, how do you address it? And if it doesn't get addressed, then these prospects won't be buyers.

It's silent and deadly and you need to become a master at unearthing them, and being rigorous in your process for finding out what other silent reasons could be holding prospects back from going ahead with your services.

It's not something that you want to take for granted, it's something that you need to specifically ask… “Is there any other reason that you wouldn't move forward with this?” or “Is there any other reason, other than price, that you wouldn't be comfortable in becoming a client/patient today?”. And that's how you want to address the silent objection.

Pre-Framing Objections 

Handling all sorts of objections is a real skill that you need to develop, for getting better at converting more enquiries into patients. And while the various types of objections usually require different strategies, the best way to handle all sorts of different objections is addressing them before they even show up in the conversation.

Now this assumes you’ve had a certain level of experience understanding and dealing with objections already in your sales process.  But knowing what those objections already could be, can be very beneficial.  Because now we can use that knowledge and ensure that we incorporate the most common objections into our existing sales script, providing answers to objections before they may or may not be raised.  Some of these objections include...

  • Money objection
  • “I need to talk to my partner about this” objection
  • “I need to think about it!” objection
  • Real vs non-real objection


Modifying your sales script to find a way to cleverly address these objections before they can even be raised, is great way of handling issues before they occur.

You don’t have a sales script??!!

Well, you can modify our 7-Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script that we’ve included in the show notes below, and placing in your answers to objections that you're anticipating like a chess move before they even arrive. You want to tackle objections before they are even voiced.

For example, price is always a factor in prospect’s objections, you will want to think about the prices you charge, and how can you build value around the price point that you're asking for, because a transaction only occurs when value exceeds price.

In your pitch to a prospect, you want to be building the value for your services or procedures; thereby addressing the price point objection before it is even raised. 

When you do that, it will minimize the main objections that come up about pricing.  While I’m pretty sure that you'll still get them, it's going to reduce the number of times that it will come up in your sales process.

What you can do to improve your current sales process is to write down what those common objections are that you're always coming across.  Is it your payment terms? Is it the price? Is it the amount of time that it takes for them to get that service or get the end result?

And then you want to think about the ways that you can incorporate a response to those potential objections into your existing script, or modifying the 7-Figure Samurai Sword Sales Script that we are providing you, so that you can implant those objections and address them and pre-frame them before they even come up.

They will still come up by the way.  But what will happen is, you will be able to address them with much less resistance because you've already established your case before they've brought that topic up.

To recap, you need to be rigorous in your process and ask questions. Ask questions that come from all different types of angles,  and unearth those silent objections. Because, unless it is addressed, they will not be going ahead with you.

We cover how to address all sorts of different objections, and how to even qualify prospects before they come in and see you in our comprehensive sales training guide for your team called the “7 Figure Samurai Sword Sales Guide For Clinics”. We have both electronic and audio versions for you, so check it out and apply what you will learn to see your new patient conversion rate improve immediately after you start applying it. So check it out!

Thank you for listening and bye for now.

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