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3 SMS That You Needs to Send to Your Patients to Generate Immediate Bookings No Text

Sep 23rd, 2020

Information Explored In This Podcast:

The following is just some of the information that we’ve covered in this podcast, in case you wanted to skip ahead and explore a specific topic.

  • 90% of messages are opened in 3 minutes [0:32]
  • Recall Text [1:22]
  • Reach your patients instantly with a SMS text [1:53]
  • Birthday Wish [2:32]
  • Personalized birthday message [4:00]
  • Personalizing the message isn’t quite as important [4:33]
  • “The Reason Why” SMS [5:03]
  • Combine online and offline promotion campaign [6:19]
  • Check out our #50 podcast: https://onlinemarketingfordoctors.com/podcast/sms-marketing/

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