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2 Min Chiropractic Marketing Quiz

Are You Following AHPRA Guidelines?

Answer these 7 questions to see if you understand how to implement AHPRA regulations, and spot any potential problems. Please note that we have copied the quiz content exactly as it appears from other practice’s websites.

At the end of the quiz, we will also ask for your email address to send you the results, but you will also receive today’s power point presentation and our proven sales funnel for chiropractors in that email so you can send it along to any staff or agencies that you think might need to see it.

  • Green means this is okay and is unlikely to mislead consumers.
  • Orange means it can depend. If you have provided the appropriate context and clarification in your advertising, it is unlikely to be misleading to consumers.
  • Red means this advertising is in breach of the legal requirements, and should be removed from advertising.

Do these examples follow AHPRA Guidelines?

    1. Web Page Content

    question 1


    2. Facebook/Instagram Post

    question 2


    3. A Blog Article

    question 3


    4. Another Blog Article

    question 4


    5. This is a paragraph from a blog’s post article

    question 5


    6. 13 Reasons to Get your Spine Checked Regularly (some of the reasons found in the blog article)

    question 6


    7. A New Patient Offer On A Website

    question 7


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