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“Thank you again for all your great work this year making great steps forward in our marketing goals for 2023. We look forward to an incredible year next year now that we have laid a great foundation with the new website, online booking and optimisation of digital and social campaigns. Mark has been doing a great job setting up direct GP meetings. I would like to thank Sergiu, Florian, Mark, and of course Michael for all your great efforts this year and we look forward to working together closely next year again as we continue to establish ourselves as the premier vasectomy service in Australia.”

Dr Justin Low
National Director of Vasectomy Services at MSI Australia

Dr Justin Low
Dr Justin Low

The Situation

MSI Vasectomy Australia is the leading vasectomy centre in Australia, the organisation MSI story begins all the way back in the 1920s.

MSI Australia was established in 2000 and began offering vasectomies in 2002.

The vasectomy division is led by Dr. Justin Low in Sydney since 2018 and MSI Vasectomy now has 33 locations and 14 experience vasectomy doctors around the country.

Despite achieving incredible vasectomy results for numerous patients in Australia, they found themselves questioning why the clinic wasn’t as busy as some competing clinics in major cities.

Motivated to enhance the clinic’s digital presence, they sought assistance from a local digital marketing agency. However, despite engaging one agency after another, they couldn’t observe a significant increase in new patient bookings.

The clinic’s online visibility was weak, with low website visibility, limited patient reviews, and thin website content lacking a sales funnel, in-depth information, and videos for patients to be converted.

The website experienced low traffic, and the Google Ads campaign was not effective enough to generate a substantial number of leads.

After working with some agencies without much success, MSI Vasectomy Australia decided to explore a completely different agency.

After thorough research and recommendations from industry contacts for an agency that specialises in medical marketing, particularly with a strong track record in marketing for vasectomy clinics, the client discovered Online Marketing For Doctors.

Following a comprehensive interview and background check, the OMD team was commissioned to work on MSI Vasectomy’s website, leading to a breakthrough in their online presence.

The practice is now growing fast with thousands of patients and has experienced a growth rate of over 60% year on year.

Results after an initial 12-month campaign;

  • A new conversion-driven website
  • A 33.72 % increase in organic traffic
  • A 8.38 % increase in patient enquiries from organic traffic
  • A 51 % increase in patient enquiries from paid advertising
  • A total of 60 % increase in total patient bookings from search marketing campaigns
  • SEO strategy that has MSI Vasectomy ‘s top ranking in all the Australia locations for competitive keywords such as “Vasectomy Melbourne”, “Vasectomy Brisbane”, “Vasectomy Adelaide”, “Vasectomy Sydney”, “Vasectomy Central Coast”, “Vasectomy Canberra”, “Vasectomy Newcastle”, “Vasectomy Townsville”…etc
vasectomy sydney
vasectomy perth
vasectomy central coast
vasectomy canberra
vasectomy adelaide
vasectomy townsville
vasectomy newcastle
vasectomy melbourne
MSI Vasectomy Australia ranking results for most competitive keywords

What We Implemented

Technique 1: Clarify 3 Foundational Marketing Questions For MSI Vasectomy Australia

This is a critically important session that allowed us to give MSI Vasectomy Australia’s clinic a clear direction for their online marketing activities, resources and to establish a clear pathway to reach their business goals.

We had a strategy meeting with MSI Vasectomy Australia and gained some fundamental information about the practice: target patients, key conditions, their niches, differences, strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities from the market, and we used this information to devise a custom online marketing strategy for MSI Vasectomy Australia.

There are 3 main foundational questions that we need to be able to answer to accelerate MSI Vasectomy Australia’s marketing efforts better;

  • Question 1: Who is their dream patient?
  • Question 2: Where are they hanging out?
  • Question 3: What hooks can we use to get their attention and bring them into our client’s clinic?

When you have the perfect vision of who your dream patient or client is, it becomes much easier to find where they are congregating.

On the other hand, if you don’t have perfect clarity on who that person is, it’s really hard to find them.

Technique 2: Research on What Strong Competitors Do and How They Do Well

Our competitor research is designed to gain a clear understanding of who our clients’ strongest competitors are – what are their competitive advantages, value propositions and online marketing activities.  We specifically identify;

  • Where do these competitors advertise?
  • How is their advertising working?
  • What are their biggest website traffic referral sources?
  • What are the keywords that our competitors rank and our client doesn’t?
  • What website pages and their keywords generate the most traffic for competitors?
  • Where do they build links, and where do they promote their websites?

Gaining an insight into what competitors do and how competitors do it gives our team and the client directions on how to surpass them.

Technique 3: Revamp the Website to Increase User Experience and Conversion Rate

One of the critical steps that other digital marketing agencies overlook is to review and improve the website user experience and conversion rate. A website is the cornerstone of all web marketing promotions and no matter how much traffic is driven to the website, if it doesn’t convert well, all the efforts will go down the drain.

The changes include;

  • Strong, clear call to action button
  • Create a strong Brandscript – a memorable tagline that the clinic wants their prospective patients to know about their brand.
  • Creating a one-liner is a concise statement we use to clearly explain what the clinic offers. ​​It is the most powerful tool you can use to make customers curious about your brand. The one-liner is composed of three parts—the problem, the solution, and the result.
  • Revamp the website look and feel to make it more contemporary, organised, easy for users to navigate
  • Feature best-selling points of the procedure, provide patients with more educational info such as videos, images, reference to credible information sources.

Highlight MSI Vasectomy Australia’s Value Proposition and Key Differences from Other Clinics

After conducting extensive research on the industry and MSI Vasectomy Australia’s biggest competitors, and after interviewing MSI Vasectomy Australia, we were able to identify MSI Vasectomy Australia’s biggest strengths and value proposition, and the key points of difference compared to the competition.

We then highlighted these key selling points on the website home page and all subpages to ensure that their target prospects would be able to view them easily from wherever they landed on the website.

Figure 2: The website after the revamp

Technique 4: Sales Funnel For the Core Offer and Lead Magnet

Most marketing plans do not fail in intent or philosophy of communication, they fail in execution. People simply don’t get it done.

If your website has a clear message and no sales funnel, your business will not grow. Your visitors will assume you can’t solve their problem and they will leave in search for someone who can.

Whether you run a small or big marketing campaign, the easiest and the best marketing plan starts with a sales funnel.

It doesn’t matter what you sell, if you use words to sell your products or services, a sales funnel will work.

A sales funnel is the basic foundation of a good digital marketing plan. Once you create a sales funnel, your advertising can then support your sales funnel.

While there is more to marketing than a digital plan, your digital strategy, including your website, lead generator, and email campaign will serve as the foundation for all your other collateral.

A sales funnel is a way to capture and convert leads. The sales funnel we created for MSI Vasectomy Australia includes the following 5 components;

1. BrandScript:

We clarified the clinic branding message by creating a memorable tagline that the clinic wants their prospective patients to know about their brand.

Example: The Gentle Vasectomy for the Active Man

2. One-liner:

One-liner is a concise statement we use to clearly explain what the clinic offers. It is the most powerful tool you can use to make customers curious about your brand. We distilled that message into a single sentence. ​​The one-liner is composed of three parts—the problem, the solution, and the result.

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Figure 3: Example of catchy Brandscript and one liner with strong call to action

3. Landing Page and Website That Convert:

We elaborated on the brandscript and one-liner and brought it to life on a clear and compelling website and landing pages for the Pay Per Click ads campaign to improve the conversion rate of the website visitors.

Below are examples of the landing pages we created for MSI Vasectomy Australia

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Figure 4: Clear pricing explanation helps prospects understand and make decision more quickly

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Figure 5: Questionnaire to filter unqualified patients to save time for the clinic staff from communicating with prospects on their eligibility.

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Figure 6: Exit pop up to capture website visitors’s info before leaving the website

4. Lead Magnet/Generator:

We devise lead generators, such as ebooks, guides..etc, to capture prospects’ emails and phone numbers. Given that more than 95% of website visitors typically leave without making any enquiries, our focus is on capturing and nurturing this significant pool of potential leads.

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Figure 7: Example of MSI Vasectomy Australia lead magnets in ebook format that we created for MSI Vasectomy Australia

5. Follow Up Email Sequence:

The whole point of a lead generator is to get an email address. Remember, when potential patients/clients give you their email addresses you should consider them a hot lead.

Sending them regular, valuable emails is your best opportunity to continue building a relationship and selling them a product that will solve their problem. While a few people will buy a product or make a booking immediately, most will need to continue to learn more about your company before feeling a sense of trust.

Not following up with your customers after they download your lead magnet is like getting somebody’s phone number after asking them out and then never calling them back.

For MSI Vasectomy Australia, we set up nurturing and sales email campaigns to follow up prospects who sign up for the lead magnet and the free consultation offer.

Technique 5: Create a Dedicated Landing Page For Google Ads Campaign

One of the main Paid Per Click advertising strategies is to build a dedicated landing page without distractions and single focused call to action. The landing page helps answer all possible questions that prospects might have. 

MSI Vasectomy Australia
Figure 8: The efforts revamping landing pages help increase the conversion rates
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy central coast
vasectomy australia

Figure 9: Some examples of high ranking and effective ads copies

Some typical fortnightly Google ads results (on Jan 2024) ;

  • Impressions: 21,020 (+33.02%)
  • Clicks: 1,517 (+48.87%)
  • The average click-through rate was 7.22% (+11.92%)
  • Conversions recorded: 717.32 (+44.07%)
  • Top Conversion action: Click to book
  • The cost/conversion for the mid-month was $4.96 (-22.39%)
  • The total investment in Google ads was $3,557.17
  • Cost Per Click: $2.34 (-24.89%)

Technique 6: Leverage Facebook and Instagram Ads For Generating More Serious Leads

Unlike other digital channels, users’ behaviour on social media differs. They are not actively seeking solutions; instead, they spend time on social channels for entertainment and education. This distinction often leads to challenges for clinics running social ads campaigns. Many expect prospects to make bookings solely based on social media ads.

Online Marketing For Doctors’s Approach:

OMD employs a comprehensive social media marketing strategy, applying an OMD social media full-funnel approach. This strategy guides users from brand awareness through consideration, conversion, and loyalty to advocacy stages after becoming clients or patients at the clinic.

The OMD Full Funnel Strategy

Figure 10: OMD Full Funnel Social Strategy

Brand Awareness:

Objective: Introduce potential patients to the MSI Vasectomy Australia team, and the unique aspects of the clinic.

  • Use brand awareness campaigns on social media to showcase MSI Vasectomy Australia’s experience, the team, patient before-and-after care, past work examples, and differentiating factors from other clinics.
  • Promote lead magnets, such as ebooks to capture prospects’ contact information for follow-up campaigns.
  • Share general educational content like blog posts, webinars, and videos to educate prospects about procedures and costs.
  • Target cold traffic, focusing on the lookalike audience of past patient profiles, website visitors, and the ideal persona of the target audience.

Brand Consideration:

Objective: Assist prospects in narrowing down choices through engagement with the clinic’s offerings.

  • Target users engaged in brand awareness campaigns and those who have visited the clinic’s website.
  • Offer an Online/Phone Consultation, outlining what it includes and addressing frequently asked questions.
  • Continuously showcase patient results and feedback during this stage.


Objective: Facilitate the decision-making process for prospects ready to make a “purchase” or booking.

  • Engage prospects who have signed up for the Reasonable Cost Procedure offer.
  • Share ads focusing on expected results, patient feedback, aftercare processes, and pricing details, including payment plans.
Figure 6: Conversion ads with the Reasonable Cost Procedure offer

Patient Loyalty:

Objective: Ensure ongoing engagement with existing customers, enhancing their experience.

  • Be engaging, and be involved. Constantly look out for their wants and anticipated needs.
  • Collect feedback through ads encouraging clinic reviews.
  • Introduce additional procedures and complementary services to cross-sell and upsell, promoting continual revenue generation.

Brand Advocacy:

Objective: Leverage satisfied patients to expand the clinic’s reach through word-of-mouth and online mentions.

  • Encourage patients to share their positive experiences through lifestyle photos and videos.
  • Facilitate referrals by offering special vouchers for both the referring patient and the new patient.


Retaining existing patients is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. By maintaining patient trust and engagement, OMD’s strategic approach ensures a continuous, positive relationship with patients and contributes to the growth and success of the clinic.

Technique 7: Implement OMD High Performance 9 Step Process

1. Brand Change and Conversion Tracking Review

When OMD took over the new website had just been completed and we had to remove the connection between the Marie Stopes website and the MSI Vasectomy website. The large amount of the impressions and clicks received at that time were still to do with contraception and abortion and “marie stopes” . We had to remove all those keywords and unlink anything to do with Marie Stopes so there was no cannibalisation and the results were relevant.

MSI Vasectomy Australia

After the brand name change happened, the volume of impressions and clicks declined while the new website gained in domain rating and the new pages we were creating were getting indexed and started ranking. Since around July 2023, the campaign results improved almost every month in terms of impressions and clicks.

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Adjust the Conversion Tracking

OMD checked the conversion tracking and decided to remove the data that tracked 45 secs on site as it was distorting the data as seen below in the conversion data for August 2023.

The client said that their best month for bookings was in August and in November we had our best “click to book” conversion volume since August – 1,530 vs November 1,495.

MSI Vasectomy Australia
MSI Vasectomy Australia

Over the last 12 months our conversions increased across all the main trackable metrics:

MSI Vasectomy Australia

Over the last 90 days we have achieved the following:

  • Users up 23.13%
  • Sessions up 16.71%
  • Engaged sessions up 11.02%
MSI Vasectomy Australia
2. Optimise the Google My Business Listing and Build Up The Review Number

Reclaim The Ownership and Reorganisation of Google My Business Listings

MSI Vasectomy Australia operates nationally with multiple locations, presenting challenges when some Google My Business (GMB) listings were wrongly placed and not managed by the client.

The OMD team tracked and reclaimed ownership of over 33 listings, centralising them under one master account for more straightforward management. This streamlined GMB oversight considerably.
Optimising each GMB for targeted locations, OMD ensured there was no overlap or self-competition among different local listings in the same city or suburb.

Optimising Each GMB For Its Targeted Location

An optimised Business Profile on Google helps prospects to choose your business over competitors. It helps improve engagement and book local ranking and definitely convert more prospects into patients.

Following are the 13 ways we used to optimise the clinic’s Google My Business profile:

  1. Claim Business Profile
  2. Complete every section of the Google My Business account
  3. Be meticulous with contact information
  4. Select primary and secondary categories
  5. Mark off applicable attributes
  6. Write a complete “from the business” description
  7. Publish Google posts fortnightly
  8. Upload new photos fortnightly
  9. Answer questions
  10. Collect and respond to reviews
  11. Add the clinic’s products and/or services
  12. Set up messaging
  13. Maintain the clinic’s Business Profile
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia

Figure 11: We optimised the client Google My Business Listing for local search results and generated more reviews for the clinic

3. Write Unique, Long-Form Content For Condition Pages

One of the common mistakes when it comes to medical website content, especially for the vasectomy sector is the content duplication, basically the content has been copied from other medical websites or brochures and reposted on practices’ websites. This happens quite often and as an experienced medical SEO expert, we thoroughly audited the content of the website and rewrote all the pieces that have thin or duplicated content and added images, diagrams, videos to enrich user experience.

And the result is the incredibly fast increase of organic traffic after just a couple of months from the time the content was updated.
Informative blog articles is one of the key traffic drivers especially when it comes to target prospects in the information searching stage, below are some examples of the blog articles that we produce for the client on monthly basis;

4. Comprehensive Keyword Research For All Targeted Conditions, Services and Blog Content

We extensively researched appropriate keywords for all of the service pages on the website. We also conducted comprehensive long-tail keyword research to find out which search terms that users used to find information related to MSI Vasectomy Australia’s main conditions and procedures.

This comprehensive keyword research enabled us to devise a strategy to help MSI Vasectomy Australia target all the important suburbs in each city.

The keyword research not only covers short-tail but also long-tail keywords for blog content development.

vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia
vasectomy australia

Figure 12: Thorough keyword research to identify the content topics that generate the most relevant traffic for the client website

5. Implement SEO On-site Best Practices

We implemented best practice for on-page optimisation adhering to Google and other search engine webmaster guidelines;

  • Rewrite benefits-driven copy that places users at the centre. Our goal is to create a website that users can quickly find the information they need more easily.
  • Ensuring Proper Indexation: Through the use of sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and the reconciliation of all duplicate content, we were able to ensure the proper indexation of MSI Vasectomy Australia’s website.
  • Individually crafted, uniquely written Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Heading tags for all pages. By optimising the site’s title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content to include targeted keywords, we were able to increase the Click Through Rate on the search result listing and targeted search traffic.
  • Improve the website’s load times for proper SEO on both desktop and mobile devices. This is one of the key elements to increase the website ranking performance.
  • “No Follow” for unimportant links
  • External linking to highly authoritative website
  • Add image ALT tags to all images
  • Other technical SEO setups

6. Build High Quality Links

Incoming links from other websites are a very important component of search engine optimisation. Poor quality links not only won’t increase your traffic or ranking, but they can also damage your domain and potentially attract a penalty from Google, or other search engines, if the site linked to has violated any webmaster guidelines.

We take link building very seriously and we make sure that all the sites that we place links on are well screened before any placement. Some of the link building we did include;

  • Outreach to relevant blogs to feature MSI Vasectomy Australia ’s content and gain quality backlinks to the website.
  • Listing of the website on medical, health and local directories
  • Submission of videos, and relevant marketing material to submission sites

Below are some good examples of backlinks that have been generated for MSI Vasectomy Australia;

Posted Guest Post Articles

Business Listings

What Other Doctors, Surgeons,
Clinic Owners Say About Us

Dr Geoff Cashion

“They have methodically transformed my digital presence and my sales have gone through the roof. I have not been disappointed and to be honest, they have exceeded my expectations. I look forward to a long relationship with OMD.”

Dr Geoff Cashion
Owner of Vasectomy Australia

geoff cashion signature

Ms Christy Xuan

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our website traffic and enquiries by over 300%, with an obvious uptake in new patient enquiries and conversions coming through the clinic. We’ve seen a complete turnaround in our online presence in several spaces that we are advertising in.”

Ms Christy Xuan
Owner of Lumiere Beauty Clinic

christy xuan signature

Huyen Truong With PCLS Coffs Harbour Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

“They put together a comprehensive strategy and plan to improve our digital marketing presence (SEO, PPC ads, Website Content and Landing Pages), and so far we can see obvious improved results from the work that they have done.”

Dr Chandran Arianayagam
Plastic Surgeon/Owner of PCLS Coffs Harbour

Dr Chandran Arianayagam

James Zagarella testimonial

“It’s now been 4 months and I am nothing but impressed with this team. They’ve delivered above their projections and continually over-deliver on their promises. The team is quick to respond to any issues, their professionalism is second to none.”

James Zagarella
General Manager of Dr Hodgkinson Clinic

James Zagarella

james nadin testimonial

“Enquiries have gone crazy and the number of enquiries has increased three-fold ever since they started 6 months ago. The team and Huyen have been very responsive to support us along the way with our IT problems, they are very thorough and results-driven with their work. We would highly recommend them.”

James Nadin
CEO of ICCM & Crown Clinic

James Nadin

mark attalla testimonial

“We found that we are spending almost one-fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversion which is a great deal to achieve in a short period of time.”

Dr Mark Attalla
Cosmetic Surgeon / Owner of Chelsea Cosmetics

Mark Attalla

michael yunaev testimonial

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our website traffic by over 200%, we’ve gone from having 12 enquiries to anywhere from 50 to 100 enquiries in a month, while consistently filling our list times at the hospital.”

Dr Michael Yunaev
Cosmetic Surgeon, Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic)

Michael Yunaev

naveen somia testimonial

“Over the last 12 months we have increased the web traffic by over 100% and also increased the conversion by over 100%.”

Dr Naveen Somia
MBBS, PhD, FRACS Plastic Surgeon

Naveen Somia

dr hodgkinson testimonial

“The number of requests for consultations is at least doubled from the last 5 months, which is a very good sign. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles.”

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson
Plastic Surgeon / Owner of Double Bay Day Surgery

Daryl Hodgkinson

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