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At Online Marketing for Doctors (OMD), we foster a culture where YOU take center stage!

We empower you to take charge of your own growth.
We cultivate an atmosphere where lasting friendships can blossom,
while at the forefront of impactful work in making quality healthcare accessible.

We want our team to work with a smile on their faces, and it all begins
with making every day a positive and enjoyable experience!

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omd team
omd team
omd team
omd team

Our Mission

Join OMD’s mission to become the world’s first medical marketing agency, helping over 1000 clinics globally connect with millions of patients seeking to improve their mental and physical health.

Our Core Values



We prioritise timely and effective communication, both internally and with our clients.



Our eagle-eye ensures we meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Drive for Results


What we say, we will do. We fulfill our promises to our clients.



We stay ahead of industry trends and continually seek opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Enjoy These Perks



Accelerate your career journey with us at OMD! Dive into diverse and comprehensive training across all facets of a digital marketing agency. You’ll be working alongside some of the industry leaders, picking up new skills, and facing challenges that push you further. We’re all about mutual growth here – Your growth is our growth.



Work your way—wherever that may be! Whether you’re parenting, pursuing other passions, or trekking across the globe, our 100% remote work setup empowers you to live your life to the fullest. Intrigued?



Since 2011, with more than a decade of industry leadership, we’ve weathered all storms—including a global pandemic. Our unwavering commitment to excellence in medical digital marketing ensures that we not only survive but thrive through any challenge. Curious about our journey?

Fun, Our Way


We believe that creativity thrives in a fun-filled environment. From golf outings and dance-offs to sumptuous food explorations, we celebrate every win as a team, fostering a culture where your creative juices never stop flowing. Experience Our Kind of Fun.

Ready to be the driving force in connecting people to quality healthcare? Be part of Online Marketing for Doctors — where you create the possibilities and where every project matters!

Your success is our success! Oh, and did we mention our rewarding incentives? Ask us what a day in your future could look like!

omd team

What's it like to Work At OMD in Australia?

Working at OMD is more than just a job — it’s becoming a part of a team that values you for your individuality and ideas.
At OMD, we strive to provide the type of working environment that promotes the following:


We have set working hours and don’t expect employees to work past those hours. If an employee finds themselves consistently working outside of normal work hours, they’re encouraged to speak with their manager to find a way to get that work-life balance back. Have a doctor’s appointment or need to go to a school function for your child? Family is always a priority, so scheduling important events in your life is never an issue.


Whether you’ve got an idea that would improve the processes at OMD, want to pitch a fun employee social idea, have an issue you’d like addressed, or just want to say hello, the OMD leadership team always has an open door and encourages employees to reach out.


Our individuality and differences are what make us stronger. As a team, we use those strengths and voices to create and deliver impactful results for our clients. We are committed to promoting equality and inclusion, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or veteran status.


When you work at OMD, you’ll find that there are no cliques or silos. It may sound cliche, but we really do all get along. It doesn’t matter what department you’re in or your geographic location, we all work and communicate openly with each other, while often cracking jokes and having fun in the process. Everyone, from company leadership to interns, shares information and ideas freely, which helps us create great results for clients.

Hear What Our Team Members Say!

Florian Lopez
Web Developer/Project Manager
With OMD since 2014

Kate Kachynska
Graphic Designer
With OMD since 2020

Tom Bilby
Business Development Manager
With OMD since 2023

Voya Lukic
Account Manager
With OMD since 2023

Am I A Good Fit For OMD?


Do you see something that needs doing and do it (even if it’s not part of your job description)? Do you step in when a colleague needs help without being asked? Do you offer solutions for issues that arise, process improvements and ideas for educating team members on best practices?


Do you work well with others? Do you collaborate and provide guidance among colleagues and team members to help everyone reach their full potential?

take ownershipTAKE

Do you look at the results of your or your team’s work, and use those results to take action to improve? Do you take great pride in your work?

fast-paced environmentABILITY TO WORK

Can you change what you’re working on at a moment’s notice? Are you able to juggle several deadlines at once?


Are you able to work independently? Are you able to carve your own career path with support from OMD? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit?


Can you adapt to the quickly changing needs and priorities of clients? Are you able to adjust to changing deadlines?

Culture & Work Ethic

When it comes to employee culture, we are all about incorporating fun into everything we do.

Working with people you enjoy being around is important, and luckily, we enjoy it so much we actually choose to spend time together! We often get together for happy hours, sporting events, company parties, non-profit work, and more.

We are looking for individuals who are talented, hardworking, and driven to be the best in their field.

OMD wants employees who don’t take themselves too seriously, but when it’s crunch time, can work to meet deadlines and present themselves in a professional manner.

At OMD, we strive to provide the type of working environment that promotes the following:

culture work ethics

Our Recent Fun Events

business trips


Ever dreamed of combining business with global adventures? At OMD, we make that a reality. Embark on exclusive business trips where professional growth meets exciting new horizons, all while doing what you love most.




At Online Marketing For Doctors, we cherish every milestone and occasion of our exceptional team members. From promotions and anniversaries to birthdays, Christmas, and other significant holidays, or even just for the joy of gathering, we revel in celebrating together.


things we do


At OMD, we believe in the power of play to spark creativity. Dive into a variety of recreational activities that not only relax but also inspire. Join us to connect, create, and recharge in a dynamic, fun-filled environment.




Celebrations at OMD are not just events; they’re milestones of our collective journey. We honour our successes with vibrant gatherings, recognising the hard work behind each achievement and strengthening the bonds that make our team unique.


OMD Team Competitions & Awards

2023 OMD Players of the Year:
Sergiu Plugaru & Steven Tait

sergiu plugaru

Sergiu Plugaru
Head of Web Design & Development

steven tait

Steven Tait
Account Director

2023 Team’s Choice Award: Louise Johnston

louise johnston

Louise Johnston
Head of SEO & Content

*On top of being our 2023 Team’s Choice Awardee, Louise has been promoted to SEO & Content Head in her 9th month with us. Her exceptional talent and dedication continues to inspire us all. Kudos, for consistently exemplifying our agency core values, Louise!

OMD Player of The Year” Competition 

As part of our on-going effort to train our team to be the best players in medical marketing industry, we host monthly training events and friendly competitions for all team members. Individual scores are accumulated toward the year-end total, emphasising consistent dedication to continuous training and improvement.

The monthly winner receives $AU 200, and the overall winner of the year’s total score is awarded $AU 1,200, along with an engraved trophy as a keepsake.

Huyen Truong Won 2022 New South Wales GC Bronze Bowl 1

OMD Monthly Competition Result Updates

Annually, we conduct a series of 12 training events, one per month, open to all team members. Participation is mandatory for those in managerial positions, full time writers, and serves as a crucial tool for assessing team members’ performance.

For new team members, an introduction to these training sessions is provided, and they can attend pre-organised test dates alongside their colleagues. While they may not be aligned with the current training schedule initially, they have the flexibility to catch up at their own pace. Accumulating points from these trainings contributes to their overall score for the year-end final competition.

Below, you’ll find recent updates on training sessions and exam results, along with the current leaders on our leaderboard.

Each training section carries 10 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. To be eligible for promotion, team members are required to amass a total of 120 CPD points by the year’s end, laying the groundwork for the subsequent February performance review.

In the event of exam failure, team members are granted up to two additional attempts to ensure they meet the criteria for the full 120 CPD points. Successfully passing these exams not only contributes to the annual CPD total but also enhances their standing for the OMD Player award at the year-end final results.

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Leaderboard Results

2024 Leaderboard Competition Results

NameTotal Points
Steven Tait175.83
Sergiu Plugaru173.33
Voya Lukic166.67
Michael Gasparini151.67
Leaderboard Results

One Liner and A Website
Wireframe That Converts

NameTotal Points
Steven Tait90
Sergiu Plugaru90
Voya Lukic80
Michael Gasparini80
Louise Johnston70
Leaderboard Results

Lead Magnet

NameTotal Points
Voya Lukic86.67
Steven Tait85.83
Daniel Silver84.17
Sergiu Plugaru83.33
Michael Gasparini71.67
Leaderboard Results


NameTotal Points
Steven Tait29.5
Sergiu Plugaru29.5
Edmond Dalmacio28
Tom Bilby27
Michael Gasparini27

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